Top 5 Reliable Brands Selling Glasses Online

The world has moved away from solely depending on eye doctors to prescribe glasses for you. Innovations have made it easy to find the right glasses by browsing through online optical brands from the comfort of your home. There are now many online webshops specifically dedicated to this commodity.

Aside from the ease of making such purchases, it is a way to save costs since buying online is cheaper. However, you have to know where to buy from as numerous online retailers are available. There are several great brands like Nihao Optical. Thus, settling for one may prove difficult, but with recommendations and reviews, you may easily find the right fit for you.

In that regard, this article will look at some of the best online companies where you can buy quality glasses.

· Zenni Optical

At Zenni Optical, you will find a wide range of glasses. Aside from that, they are relatively cheap and affordable. You can find quality glasses for as low as $7. Customization, such as having your name inscribed on the arm, will cost you $2. Lens types available at Zenni Optical include bifocal, single vision, polycarbonate, progressive, blue light filtering, readers, and more. Shipping usually costs around $5 or more.

· Warby Parker

Warby Parker glasses come with an adjustable frame width. The brand is regarded as one of the best in the business. Their glasses are remarkable and are usually priced between $95 and $200. The company allows customers to pick up to five frames to try at home at no extra cost.

Aside from having a huge online presence, Warby Parker has several physical outlets where you can visit in person to try out glasses before buying. However, you will need to book an appointment as early as possible. The company offers free shipping and has a 30 days return policy. The types of lenses and add-ons offered by Warby Parker include progressive, polycarbonate, single vision, light-responsive, blue light filtering, and more.

· EyeBuyDirect

If you want to buy quality glasses at affordable prices, EyeBuyDirect is a great option. They have a great selection of glasses and frame designs. You can get a glass for as little as $6. This makes them one of the best places to purchase glasses online in terms of pricing.

You will have to produce a recent lens prescription from an optometrist before you can purchase glasses from EyeBuyDirect. You can do a virtual glass trial once you find a glass you like. This can be done by clicking “try me on” just beneath the image of the frames to snap a photo and evaluate if it fits you. The company has a 14 days return policy. The only problem is that shipping can be pretty expensive.

· Glasses USA

Glasses USA is a home for stylish frames. Their collection of glasses includes popular brands such as Oakley, Coach, and Ray-Ban. And most of these glasses come at discounted prices.

Glasses USA has a virtual glass test feature that allows buyers to try glasses on to determine if they fit before purchasing. The Prescription Scanner App allows you to easily upload your prescription.

The company offers free shipping and a 14 days return policy. At this online shop, the lenses you would find include bifocal, single vision, polycarbonate, progressive, blue light filtering, and others.

· Liingo

Liingo is regarded as one of the best places to purchase prescription glasses online. They have a rich and extensive collection of quality frames. At Liingo, glasses are sorted based on size, color, shape, and make. Their glasses are thinner and are 12 times more impact-resistant than traditional lenses. Prices begin at $79. Liingo has experts who can help hesitant customers decide what type of lens to purchase.


There you have it. Those are among the best online companies where you can buy quality glasses. However, ensure you verify any online shop before you make your purchase.