One of the most common security protocols available on the internet these days is password protection. Strong passwords can help you prove your identity as well as keeps your personal information safe on your account. Hackers are always there trying to access accounts to steal as much personal information as they can. To ensure smooth usage of your pet supply webshops you must be following some tips and tricks to make a password that will provide goof-proof security to your account. Chewy consumer reviews showed that the users are quite satisfied with the overall functioning and the privacy of their accounts. Here are some tips and tricks which you can follow to maintain easy pet browsing.

  • Combining unrelated words: You can think of some of the random words and combine them to create an irrelevant word, or you can turn pages of a book or dictionary and select 2 or 3 words from it that are known to you and seem easy to remember. Use symbols in between to make it more impactful just as marine-delta-sand.
  • Using a password manager: No need to worry when you are out of words, as applications like password generators will come to the rescue, use them to generate complex passwords. Don’t use the password you are going to use for the pet store, just try some random ones to get the idea. There are web pages that can help you calculate the strength of your passwords. Why not try them!
  • Create a layered password: You can generally use a phrase that is memorable to you just like you are a talented bathroom singer so you can use these phrases including a mix of letters and numbers to give a hard time to the hacker. Add a mix of letter cases to the cauldron of your recipe for a strong password just like: Bath-12Sing@124.
  • Symbols more than words: Use commonly allowed symbols like ‘?’, ‘/’, ‘&’, etc. Moreover, if you are tired of the conventional passwords, add emoticons to them by using the symbols, as it can be easy to revise them, for example ‘:)’…Isn’t it fun putting these symbols in?


These can be some of the ways to safely browse an online pet store, but complex and lengthy passwords can be a little tricky to remember. As there is a solution to every problem, this thing can be resolved by keeping a document on a zip drive, or even in a physical paper file or maybe on a mobile notepad application that will help you in accessing your information if your hardware fails or you are switching to a new system.

In the end, striving for a stronger password is not the only thing to be concerned about but password protection and management should be the utmost important factor of an organization’s security program. Other than that, enjoy pet browsing but always log out right after shopping to ignore any security problem.