What Kind of Makeup Should Women Avoid?

As a woman, you want to have that extra glow and beauty by using makeup, but you should know that as much as cosmetics has its positives, it also has its faults. Makeup products can enhance and nourish your body. It could also cause damages to your skin and body. Ingredients used for face lotions, sunscreens, face washes, and other sleek hair products contain chemicals that are absorbed in the body to the bloodstream. These could result in serious health issues ranging from allergies to neurological problems, endocrine disorders, and cancer.

Some ingredients are makeup products’ components that one should avoid while protecting the body from health challenges.


Parabens commonly found in moisturizers, spray tans, and shampoo lead to breast cancer, skin cancer. However, this is yet sufficiently proven to be harmful by the food and drug administration FDA. Parabens can disrupt the reproductive and developmental organs in the body. Apart from its use as preservatives in makeups, parabens also appear as propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben. Paraben can cause hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.


These are body scrubs, makeup products, and body wash ingredients. They are those tiny beads inside body wash and scrubs. They are made from polyethylene because it is gentler on the skin than the actual natural exfoliators that are hard on the surface. Polyethylene has 1,4- dioxin that can irritate.


Talc found in most makeup products helps to give a smooth finish and stop makeup from breaking. Although talc, according to FDA, contains asbestos that may pose a health risk because asbestos is a cancer forming chemical.


Lead is a harmful heavy metal for the body. Eye products contain Kohl, kajal, Surma, tiro, and al- Khalil are carriers of the first band. They are considered illegal color additives under the FDA. Mercury is another heavy metal that is harmful and can affect the nervous system, causing kidney damage.

Carbon black

These are in mascaras, eye products, lipstick. They give these products their color; research has shown that carbon black is possibly carcinogenic.


This chemical is for skin lightening, hydroquinone can cause skin diseases that will result in blue-black lesions on exposed skin, and this can be disfiguring and cannot become reversed. Be careful of skin lightning products.

There are so many safe makeup ingredients to use. They are in no way harmful. However, to be reliable, always check the ingredients on any product before using them, even products that claim to be organic. You can check the environmental working group EWG to know the right product to use. Look for products that contain zinc oxide that has at least 30 SPF rating, this help to block the sun from your skin. To keep your skin glowing, you can look for products with orange oil, neroli oil, or chamomile. The safest way to use the right makeup products is by making them yourself so you can avoid harmful products. You should also take time to know what works perfectly for you, especially if you are allergic to any product.

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