Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses White Frame Crystal Gray Gradi style

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Ray-Ban RB8301 Sunglasses Tech Black Frame Green Lens

* Classic in its style, the Ray Ban #RB8301 Sunglasses Tech Black Frame Green Lens a square-shaped lens with slight upswept corners. The innovative Ray Ban Sunglasses lens technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

* This style is available in a variety of colors, to help you personalize your Ray Ban.
* Double brow bar, similar to the frame Ray Ban is known for.
* Lightweight plastic frames and arms.
* Gradient lenses offer 100% UV protection.
* Lenses are Rx-able (prescription ready).
* Brand name at temples and upper right lens.
* Protective case with fold-over snap closure included.
* Adjustable nosepads for a personalized fit.
* Clean and sophisticated, these modern have an unmistakable style that never goes out of date.
* Made in Italy.
* The Ray Ban #RB8301 Tech are a stylish Squared shape, a bold and classic style.
* Frame is designed for men.
* Comes with carrying case & cleaning cloth.

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